There are things daily that all of us see & think: “That can’t possibly be true”

But it is & these stories are becoming all too numerous. So much so that our basic level of comfort & security are threatened.

The Government is corrupt, they lie, cheat & steal yet we would rather sit on facebook & play farmville then do anything about it.

We whine & cry about how bad it has become but the TRUTH is that we have let it get this bad because we are a nation of slackers who only want instant gratification & expect everyone else to do everything for us, so the govt has obliged by creating the Patriot Act, NDAA & bailing out big banks while letting us all take it in the rear from the big pharma’s & other special interests.

Don’t ask what went wrong lest the whole world finds out how stupid we really are, simply ask what you can do to change it & then do it.


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